Straight from Japan, made traditionally on ancient stone grinding wheels without the use of artificial colors, preservatives or additives. Sugar-free, gluten-free and certified kosher.

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Our matcha selection shares these characteristics:

  • Shade covered, steamed, air dried, de-stemmed and ground on ancient stone grinding wheels
  • Made traditionally without the use of artificial colors, preservatives or additives
  • Sugar-free, gluten-free and certified kosher
  • Unique rich taste, an initial vegetal taste, followed by a lingering sweetness
  • Grown in Nishio in the heart of Aichi Prefecture, Japan


Matcha is renowned for numerous health benefits. It is rich in nutrients, antioxidants, fiber and chlorophyll. The health benefits of matcha exceed those of other green teas because matcha drinkers ingest the whole leaf, not just the brewed water. One glass of matcha is the equivalent of 10 glasses of green tea in terms of nutritional value and antioxidant content. It is a mood-enhancing, antioxidant powerhouse, a natural weightloss aid, pH balancer and detox agent, and a sugar-free coffee alternative without the jitters.

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